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iB2 - Integrative Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory

The Integrative Biology and Biotechnology group is composed by a multidisciplinary team, working in the frontline of several scientific areas, such as plant biology and compound’s bioactivity.

iB2 group is located at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto (FCUP), with a branch in the Faculty of Farmacy of University of Porto (FFUP), benefiting from manifold resources, in a perfect symbiosis between the scientific and academic world. This union improves the group dynamics, gathering Professors, Researchers, Post-Docs, PhD, MSc and Bachelor Students, interconnecting the society's needs with new skills and available knowledge.

iB2 is also integrated in a top of the line research and development institution, namely REQUIMTE, and has partnerships in several others, such as, CITAB or CIBIO-InBIO. Currently, iB2 is expanding its working collaborations to national enterprises and institutions, namely DRAPN and INIAV. Besides, we also have connections with private companies, such as, Kiwi Greensun or Klone, in the form of scientific research projects, and consulting services.

Besides University of Porto, our students and researchers conduct some of their work in other Universities and facilities in the country and in other European countries, such as, Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and University of Bologna in Italy, gaining access to more tools and knowledge from some of the best Professors and researchers in the country and aboard.


The group has currently several research projects ongoing in diverse areas. It develops I&D in Biology & Biochemistry towards yield and health and also plant products valorization. It gathers experts in physiology, biotechnology, transcriptomics, metabolomics and phenomics towards improving plant performance and valorizing crops and forest species. We combine ultimate techniques using in vivo and in vitro systems. It has currently two main research lines specialized in Phytocompounds Bioactivity (CAM Assay, Cancer Cell Culture) and Plant Biology (Plant Pests, Plant Diseases, Climate Changes, Toxicology, Crops’ Breeding, Fruit Quality), each coordinated by senior researchers.

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