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Biólogo vegetal

We now have a separate website with all our R&D projects! Find out more at iB2Lab Projects!

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PEARFIRE: Functional omics of Erwinia-PearRocha pathosystem to characterize virulent
strains and resistant pear genotype

Deciphering Drosophila suzukii-cherry interactions and development of new strategies
for pest control

I2Psa: Characterizing Psa-Actinidia pathosystems in Portuguese orchards: biovars, host-pathogen interaction and new control compounds

OliveOmics: Understanding the influence of climate change on olive fruit development and olive oil: an omics’ approach

Innovative approaches to manage Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae by manipulating the disease triangle 

FBD-Green: FoodBorne-Disease associated Enterobacteriaceae control in GREENhouse grown crops

examinando Crops

Enhancing crop growth and yield under an ever-changing environment – the key role of Strigolactones

Phage2PSA: Psa-Bacteriophage characterization and engineering to unveil molecular interactions during infection


MicroSuzukii: Drosophila suzukii-microbiome interactions: a new tool to pest control

Pinus pinea pine nut shells as eco-friendly solutions for soilless cultures

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