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Biólogo vegetal

We now have a separate website with all our R&D projects! Find out more at iB2Lab Projects!

Laranja e Preto Clube de Recreação Vista da Montanha Logotipo para Lazer.png


FBD-Green: FoodBorne-Disease associated Enterobacteriaceae control in GREENhouse grown crops


Phage2PSA: Psa-Bacteriophage characterization and engineering to unveil molecular interactions during infection


Divulgação de aspectos benéficos dos microrganismos com recurso a meios audiovisuais - um estudo de avaliação

Mãos no solo

Development of biofertilizers, biostimulants and bioprotectors from novel cyanobacterial strains

Dentro da estufa

Enhancing crop growth and yield under an ever-changing environment – the key role of Strigolactones


Optical sensors for integration of multi-omics and physiological phenotyping within a holistic field-phenomics approach to improve precision viticulture


PomeSafe: Improved sustainable management of Erwinia amylovora through integrative multi-omics, detection and green chemistry approaches

Salada verde

Housing-FBPs: unlocking the molecular interplay of adhesion and internalization of foodborne pathogens into plant vectors, and harnessing plant microbiome and immunity for new control opportunities

Innovative approaches to manage Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae by manipulating the disease triangle

Copo de vinho tinto

CôaTerroir: Native green solutions for a resilient Côa Terroir under the projected climate change


MicroSuzukii: Drosophila suzukii-microbiome interactions: a new tool to pest control

Pinus pinea pine nut shells as eco-friendly solutions for soilless cultures

VitiDysBalance: Cracking the Anna Karenina Principle in Black Rot symptomatic grapevines: dysbiosis plasticity and pathogen interplay with core-microbiomes

folhas da videira

VitiSynCOM - Synthetic microbial community: a novel approach to control black-rot disease on vineyards

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