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The iB2 Laboratory PhD Students and PlantStress Laboratory PhD Students, bring you the II Plant Abiotic Stress Forum - An integrative lens over plant adaptation.

Being a part of an yearly cycle of conferences concerning the many problems afflicting plant development, in a world facing an unprecedent climatic instability combined with an increasing environmental degradation, the primary aim of this event is the spread of knowledge regarding the new advances in plant abiotic stress research, ranging from climate change to environmental contamination/pollution, and how these advances can help overcome the problems faced by farmers worldwide.  

For this, and to encourage discourse and the exchanging of ideas at all levels of the scientific career, not only will this forum count with the presence of a multidisciplinary and international team of several key-note speakers who have dedicated their work to different approaches in understanding this topic, but it will also give an opportunity for young researchers to submit and present the work they have been developing in this field, via oral communication or an e-poster format, after being accepted by the Scientific Committee behind the forum

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