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Note: Timings are in GMT. 

1st Session: Plant Diseases

8:30am | Opening talk

8:45am | Dr. Elodie Vandelle (University of Verona) 

"Deciphering the determinants of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae virulence on host"

9:15am | Dr. Fabio Rezzonico (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) 

"Tracking the dissemination of fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora in Europe and in Central Asia using CRISPR spacer sequences"

9:45am | Dr. Francesco Spinelli (University of Bologna) 

"Volatile organic compounds in plant-pathogen interactions: their biological roles and technological application"

10:15am |  Break

10:30am | Dr. Hernâni Gerós (University of Minho) 

"Flavescence Dorée-Derived Leaf Yellowing in Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Is Associated to a General Repression of Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathways"

11:00am | Dr. Cátia Teixeira (University of Porto) 

"Harnessing the potential of spider venom peptides to control plant pests"

11:30am |  E-Poster Pitch 1

11:50am | Oral presentations 1

12:20pm |  General discussion

12:40pm | Lunch break

2nd Session: Plant Pests

2:00pm |  Dr. Rocío Escobar-Bravo (University of Bern) 

"Plant-mediated facilitation of leafminer metamorphosis in the soil"

2:30pm | Dr. Salvatore Arpaia (ENEA) 

"The use of RNAi in plants as a tool for pest and disease management"

3:00pm | Dr. José Melo-Ferreira (University of Porto)

"Using population genomics to understand biological invasions: Drosophila suzukii as case study"

3:30pm | Break

3:40pm | E-Poster Pitch 2

4:00pm | Oral presentations 2

4:30pm | General discussion

4:45pm | Dr. Marie Dufresne (Paris-Saclay University)

"Trichoderma sp. as a biocontrol agent for Fusarium Head Blight of cereals: from the lab to the field"

5:15pm | Dr. Adela Sánchez-Moreiras (University of Vigo)

"Plants vs. plants: how to get advantage of secondary metabolites for weed control"

5:45pm | Closing talk

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