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The iB2 Laboratory PhD Students, now partnering with PlantStress Laboratory PhD Students, brings you the second edition of the Plant Pests and Diseases Forum. With the success of the first edition in 2019, the second edition was planned for 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to postpone the event. However, in a COVID-19 pandemic context, scientific events are shifting their nature and characteristics, evolving to web-based events, which allow the fulfillment of health safety measures, simultaneously reaching a wider audience.

Nowadays, agriculture production is becoming increasingly challenged by an ever-growing population, in a scenario of imminent climate instability and the spread of emerging pest and diseases. Recent works and reports on the area clearly suggest that major actions need to be taken now in order to prevent future greater costs in terms of agricultural yield and profits.

This forum will be aimed at an international audience with the participation of nine relevant key-note speakers on the topic (national and international). On the other hand, an opportunity for young career researches and/or post-graduate students to present their works, either as oral or e-poster presentations, will take place in this event. Participants submitting their abstracts will be selected by our international Scientific Committee.

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